Our Queens

Our Beautiful Gals

Meet our beautiful four-legged Queens. They are all continually health tested, well loved, and registered with CCA/TICA where qualified. Learn more about their age, pedigree, character, health profile and more below.

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Scottish Fold

Angel is a purebred Scottish Fold with an exceptionally sweet and loving demeanor. We are expecting her to have her first litter of Levkoys February 2022, with Hairy Styles.


Oriental Shorthair

Yolandi is also a future Queen. From Russia, she is a purebred Shorthair Oriental, with a clean and strong pedigree. Her very unique and rare chocolate coat will make her a grand Queen when she comes of age.


Scottish Fold

Beautiful blue chinchilla swirl Scottish Fold with a purrrfectly amazing cuddle factor! This queen is patiently waiting to have her first litter of Levkoys with Hairy Styles mid January 2022!!!!!! Stay tuned!


Russian Donskoy

We have just aquired the perfect Donskoy Queen for our Cattery. Already a three time Junior Champion, Varvara will make an exceptional Queen when she comes of age.



Tortoiseshell DSH

Catarina loves to be the center of attention. She will mother a litter of F1 Donskoys before she retires.