Our Newly Bred Pets

Current Litters

We currently have a litter of Levkoys that will be ready to go to their new homes April 2022, another litter of Levkoys that will be ready to go May 2022, and 1 litter of Donskoys that will be ready to go to their homes May 2022!
All of our kittens go to their new homes with a Loot Bag, filled with goodies that will make the transition to their new homes easier on both them and their new owners.
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Registered F1 Levkoy/Donskoys

Ready to go April 29, 2022

On February 4, 2022 Angel and Hairy Styles were proud to announce the birth of their adorable F1 Levkoy kittens. Due to their hybrid breed, their appearances can change in the first 2 years, but their dominant features have already presented themselves. Shawn has the folded ears of his mother, and Cali has coarse fur which may shed to a final velour/velvet coat.
Kittens are registered as Donskoys as TICA and CCA-AFC don't recoginize the Levkoy breed just yet, as it is a new breed. 
Both parents are registered pure to their breed, and their pedagree's are available.




This very sweet boy loves attention and affection. He is ultra sweet and loveable!
Shawn has bright blue eayes, and his ultra adorable folded ears. He is a bit of a suck as he would prefer to be by your side all day if he could!
Contact us for more information or to reserve Shawn!

Ed Sheeran


This fun loving boy was graced with the gift of heterochromia! He has one green eye and one blue eye....he certainly is special!
He is an easy-going kitten who loves to cuddle, and displays a more independant personality.
Contact us for more information about Ed, or to reserve him!



Cali loves humans...she believes she is one herself! Her sweet disposition and gentle nature make her perfect for families big and small.
Cali's coat has become very coarse and will most likely fall out to reveal a velvet coat like her father - only time will tell!
Contact us for more information about Cali, or to reserve her toay!



A fiesty female who loves to play. Her energy is high, and so is her curiosity.
Snowball has beautiful green eyes that will make you forgive her for her rambunctious personality!
Contact us for more information about Snowball, or to reserve her.

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Registered Donskoys

Ready to go May 22, 2022

Varvara and Hairy were so happy to welcome their first litter of Donskoys on February 27, 2022; 2 girls and 2 boys!
Unlike the Canadian Spynx, Donskoys carry the dominant hairless gene. Their fur will fall out by the time they celebrate their first birthday! This breed is very intelligent and curious. Some like water, and can be taught commands.
Both parents have strong bloodlines, and Varvara has won multiple junior champion titles.
This litter will be ready to go to their forever homes May 22, 2022.




Pinky loves to climb and explore new surroundings. He will let you know if he gets cold though, by snuggling up for your body heat and love. Although he was born orange and white, he is now completely nude, and fully uniform. 
Contact us for more information about Pinky, or to reserve.

Mr. Worldwide


Mr. Worldwide is ready to take on any exploration adventure! He has BIG character and isn't afraid of a challenge.
Mr. Worldwide was born orange and white but is now rubber bald, with darker pigment of the skin where his orange patterning was.
Contact us for more information, or to reserve Mr. Worldwide.

Lucille Bald


Lucille Bald is the only female in the litter. She is dainty and sweet, but can hold her own! She loves to snuggle, and be kept warm. Lucille Bald is a gentle girl with a calm disposition.
For more information or to reserve Lucille Bald, please contact us.


The Brain


The Brain is a quiet boy, with a soft temperment and sensitive personality. He was born with a full white coat, which is quickly turning coarse. We believe he will end up with a velvet coat like his father.
Contact us for more information, or to reserve The Brain.

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Unregistered F1 Levkoys

Ready to go May 21, 2022

That Hairy Styles sure gets around!
The proud father, along with Khaleesi the proud mother, welcomed their litter of 2 on Febraury 26, 2022. One boy one girl!
As with the previous litter of Levkoys, their appearance will change with time, so more pictures will be posted in the next coming weeks.
Hairy Styles is a registered Donskoy, and Khaleesi is an unregistered Scottish Fold.




One of a kind - this is how we describe BB. She came into the world with swimmers syndrome, but thanks to the dedication and care at Barepaws Cattery, BB's gate and walking has been corrected.
She has such a spectacular personality with a gentle natured disposition.
Her fur has been changing rapidly in the last couple of weeks. Is has become very short and coarse, which makes us believe she will have a flocked coat.
For more information about BB or to reserve her, contact us.



Like his sister, Sunny has a very soft and gentle personality. He is a suck who loves snuggling, and calm. Being a kitten of course he loves to be part of the pack and play, but will show his independence if the play yard gets too roudy for him! 
Sunny would does well with other kittens, and on his own...he is a pretty laid back guy!
Contact us for more information on Sunny, or to reserve him.

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Super Sweet Softness

Female registered Scottish Fold born June 24, 2020. 
Our beautiful Queen, Angel is retiring from our breeding program, due to developing Feline Mammary Fibroepithelial Hyperplasia from pregnancy.
Although it is not guaranteed she will develope this condition again with future litters, our Cattery always looks in the best interest of our kitties. 
Angel is looking for a loving and nurturing furrever home, where her soft and gentle personality can shine.
Contact us for more information. 
She will be ready to go beginning of June 2022 when her litter is ready for their furrever homes!
Contact us for special pricing on her, as she will be pet quality at the time of re-homing.

Khaleesi1 (3)_edited.jpg


Beautiful Scottish Fold

Although Khaleesi is still young, being Born December 2020, she is retiring from our breeding program,but would make an excellent Queen at another Cattery.
Khaleesi is not registered, but it is pretty clear she is a Scottish Fold!
Her gentle nature, and calm disposition made her an excellent mother to her recent litter; she card for her young meticulously. 
Khaleesi does not have any health concerns or conditions, our Cattery just wants to focus on Donskoys in the future.
If you are interested in Khaleesi, please contact us.